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Dis-ease – “a deficiency of love”

This one comes from Gary Young, but I thought I would share it with you:

“I feel very strongly that the biggest problem we face today is a lack of love. I learned several years ago from patients I saw in my practice that the cause of what we call “dis-ease” is nothing more than a deficiency of self love. When we have self love, we take care of our body–our temple–because we expect it to serve us. When we have self love, we feed it the way it should be fed. When we have self love, we nurture and care for our bodies. We don’t damage and destroy them.

When there is no love, that is when war rages–between countries, between people, and within a person’s head. Several years ago I did a seminar in which I preformed blood research. I had my microscopes there and performed the tests on site. A lady came to me after we had concluded the seminar. She said, “Gary, have you ever looked at the blood of someone who is having a real emotional trauma, then given them oils and tested their blood later on?” I said, “No, I haven’t.” She then asked me if I would mind doing that for a client of hers, and I did so.

Of course, her client’s blood was very aggregated—it contained a great deal of bacteria from undigested food particles. When people are under stress they don’t digest their food very well, so that is a pretty natural thing to see. The woman was clearly upset because her husband had left her, she was in the middle of a divorce, and her home was under foreclosure. It was a traumatic time for her.

We applied some oils on her and she calmed down and stopped crying. After about 20 to 30 minutes, we took another blood specimen. That is when I realized that we were dealing with something that was very, very real. Her tests the second time were very different from the first results, much more normal.

That’s one of the many reasons I am so proud of the things we do at Young Living, our products, and the care we take with them. I have heard countless testimonials about the wonderful effects our oils have on people’s lives. Real effects, life-changing effects. I have seen miracles, and I have experienced miracles. I know how important these oils are and how much good they do. The oils can make a tremendous difference, but they have to be used…. and shared.

None of us has to settle for second best in this life–unless we choose to settle. No matter how big obstacles seem, they can be handled or improved. The oils can help you move beyond the things that are blocking you–both physically and emotionally.

If you have a battle going on inside you, stop fighting it. Focus your energy on positives instead of negatives. Place your trust in a better future and in the ability you have to change whatever needs to be changed so you can move into that future. Use the oils; they will help you. And share them with others who also need them. Be a positive force that lifts other up rather than dragging yourself down. Start loving yourself, and things will get better.”

D.Gary Young

Aerotoxic Syndrome

This piece has nothing to do with essential oils, but plenty to do with health and wellbeing.

Especially, if you travel on airlines frequently (or work as air crew).If you do, then I suggest you read this article by former airline captain, John Hoyte. Aerotoxic syndrome is something most of us will probably never have heard of…and when you read the article you’ll understand why

Aerotoxic Syndrome – Aviation’s best kept secret

If after reading that, you think you’d like more information about the subject, an association has been formed – The Aerotoxic Association. It provides more information on the subject as well as support for sufferers of this illness –  Aerotoxic Association