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Are you having trouble with your blood sugar level and weight management? Blood sugar spikes create a host of problems for the body, including its effect on our mood, immunity and inflammatory response. Left unchecked it can lead to diabetes, loss of eyesight, neuropathy and even gangrene.

If you have difficulties in this area you may wish to consider Ocotea (Ocotea Quixos). It grows in the Amazon, west of the Andes and is distilled from the leaves of the tree. It comes from the same family of plants as cinnamon and bay laurel (Lauraceae). In fact, in Ecuador the locals refer to it as False Canella or False Cinnamon. Cinnamon essential oil is also effective in blood sugar maintenance, but with 50 percent trans-cinnamaldehyde, it’s quite a ‘hot’ oil to try and consume. You would need to mix it with a vegetable oil and use a capsule. Ocotea on the other hand has less than 10 percent trans-cinnamaldehyde and still has a similar taste and aroma to cinnamon. In other words you could take Ocotea as a dietary supplement, putting just a few drops under the tongue.

Ocotea is also high in alpha-humulene, a constituent that’s known to help deal with irritation and agitation. Other properties listed for it in the Essential Oils Desk Reference (5th edition) include anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and a disinfectant. The following are some responses from people using Ocotea. They come from Artemis’ bulletin:

Chris writes: Some feedback re Ocotea – one of my favorite oils. I would drink this oil all day long if it was $15 a bottle!!! I was feeling edgy, agitated, angry, and my blood sugars were all over the place. I felt as though I was about to have an anxiety attack from stress, and I had bad sleeping patterns and a recent bad diet (lack of fresh fruit and vegetables, combined with too many fatty foods). I took three drops of Ocotea oil under my tongue. About 30 minutes later I took another 3-5 drops under the tongue.
About half an hour after taking the two lots of Ocotea, I experienced the following: A deep bodily relaxation, deep opening in the breathing (ie spontaneous deep breaths) and a feeling of relaxation around the chest and heart region. There was also a release from the sense of restlessness and irritation I was feeling and just a general feeling of peace and things being in balance. This is one of my favorite oils because although it is primarily an oil that I use for physical symptoms such as blood sugar levels, blood pressure etc, when these are balanced (which can be very quick) then the emotions come quickly into balance.
Jeane writes: Ocotea works wonders [for my diabetes. I put 3 to 4 drops of Ocotea oil in a gel cap, along with some olive oil]. My blood sugar was running any where from 95-135, everythinng seemed to set it off.  I started taking Ocotea in Olive oil every day, and now it runs 65-95. Food that would set it off before – bread, cheese, pizza, etc doesn’t make it go up.  In fact I’m cutting back on my insulin now.
The doctor wanted me to go to 17 units [of insulin], but I said no as I was going to start taking Ocotea and wouldn’t go above 14 units. After taking Ocotea for a month, I cut back to 13 and now I’m at 12.
As the blood sugar stays in the lower numbers I will attempt to cut back even more.  I just don’t want to rush it.  I’m so excited it has stayed at 65-95 for a month. I monitor the blood sugar daily and keep records, then as it stays low I will bring it down.
It used to be I couldn’t eat late at night, as the next morning my blood sugar would be 125-145.  I would watch what I eat, and just one slice of pizza would make it go higher, until now. I ate out one evening and it was about 7:00-7:30 and the next morning [my blood sugar] was 85. That alone is a big step for me. Now we can go out to eat.
Thanks, Jeane (sourced from the US Sha-Faun bulletin)

Ocotea is also used in the oil blends: Stress Away, Common Sense, Transformation, Slique Essence and Slique Tea. You can read more about people’s experiences with Ocotea by visiting the oil testimonials site. If you have any questions regarding Ocotea, we’ll certainly try and answer them for you. Just drop us an email. If you’d like to order some Ocotea, just click here, then click on Join Now and select Retail Customer. You will then be asked to fill in a once off membership form, before putting in your order.

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The Power of Ocotea. By D Gary Young, Gary Young’s Blog

Disclaimer: Please remember that anything discussed here does not
constitute medical advice and cannot substitute for appropriate medical care. Where essential oils are mentioned, it’s recommended you use only pure, unadulterated therapeutic grade essential oils and follow the safety directions of the manufacturer.



Gary Young is today regarded as one of the world’s foremost experts on essential oils and their distillation. Aromatherapy: the essential beginning is one of his earliest books published. Although, not the encyclopedia of essential oils (that was to come later 🙂 ), this book is nonetheless an excellent and lucid introduction to essential oils. You don’t need to be a scientist to read this book.

The book covers the history of essential oils up to the modern period, how they work, how they’re distilled and a number of techniques for administering them. It covers areas not normally covered by books on essential oils; areas such as the frequency of essential oils, in which Gary has been personally involved in the research. In addition you get a reference guide at the back of the book detailing the constituents that make up essential oils, essential oils for emotional applications and a description of various single oils and oil blends and their uses.

One of my favourite sections in the book is where Gary describes a trip to the Temple of Isis, on the island of Philae in Egypt in 1994. Having visited Egypt myself, this brought up lots of fond memories for me. But more than that Gary’s story brings up all the mysteries that one encounters in this ancient land.

Gary describes how a mysterious man convinces him to follow him into a secluded and closed off section of the temple. Three times, one of the guards of the temple approached him in the crowd and told Gary he would show him “that for which he was searching”.  He indicated that there was a special room that was forbidden for people to see, in which his ancestors once practiced very sacred rituals. Gary, thinking that the guard was just after baksheesh (a tip/money) ignored him. On the third time, Gary relented and the guard took him to a secluded and locked room in the temple. There, Gary was shown a carved relief on the wall detailing an ancient Egyptian ritual known as “cleansing the flesh and blood of evil deities” (there are photos of the relief in the book). This was basically a 3 day ritual using essential oils to cleanse people of negative emotional issues; what we would nowadays call “baggage” or “hang-ups” – those things which can hold us back from fulfilling our potential.

Was Gary’s finding serendipity or synchronicity? I would tend to believe the latter. Over the years, Gary Young has shown incredible intuition and creativity in the oil blends he has  produced. I would not be surprised if the universe was ‘lending him a hand’.

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Dried wolfberries. Delicious but also nutritious. Photo from wstefano, Wikimedia Commons

In our last post, I included some testimonials showing how different people had benefited from drinking Ningxia Red. Gary Young, has also incorporated the wolfberry into numerous nutritional supplements and meal replacement formulae.

Ningxia wolfberries are also found in these other nutritional products:

Balance Complete™ Vanilla Cream Meal  Replacement

This is quite yummy. I have it for breakfast in the mornings (alternate it with powermeal – see below). You can make some great shakes with it. We typically add fruit like apples, bananas, strawberries and blueberries (when in season) as well as Ningxia Red juice and some coconut milk. Occasionally I will add an egg to it as well. It keeps me going till about lunch-time. If you find you’re still feeling hungry, add an extra scoop or add an egg. Balance Complete is high in fiber and protein, along with good fats, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.  It’s designed to be a powerful energizer, immune system booster and cleanser.
Along with the high antioxidant benefits from Ningxia wolfberry powder you’re getting these healthy ingredients:
brown rice bran, barley grass, aloe vera, cinnamon powder and a whey protein blend.

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