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Book review: The Courageous State

In this article we return to the theme of the “healthy society” that I first wrote about in April this year. At the same time it’s also a review of a book and a website.
For the past year, I’ve been following the blog posts of Richard Murphy on Tax Research UK and just recently I finished reading his book The Courageous State. For me this book and his posts have been (and continue to be) a real eye-opener. I’ve left the info on Richard to the very end as I want to focus on his website and book. First, let me talk about his website: Tax Research UK

Tax Research UK
This website has now been ranked as the No 1 economics blog in the U.K.. Please don’t be put off by the words “economics” and “tax research”. There’s a very good reason this site was ranked No 1. Richard’s posts are less about economic theory and more about action.
The key theme in his posts are that governments have more than enough money to look after the needs of their people; that the key problem is that the wealthiest corporations and individuals on the planet are using the world’s financial and taxation systems to their own advantage and paying little or no tax. This is having a deleterious  effect on the finances of many nations and ultimately the livelihoods of millions of people. For example, in the European Union the tax gap (the gap between what is owed in taxes and what is actually paid) is estimated to be about €1 trillion.[1] When you consider that governments in Europe are forcing their populations to go through austerity measures, this is crazy stuff folks. In the U.K. the tax gap is estimated to be £120 billion.[2] And there likewise the Cameron government has imposed austerity measures and cut-back extensively on the public sector.

It’s issues such as this that Richard Murphy tackles in his daily posts. Many of his posts are like ‘cruise missiles’ aimed straight at the politicians, authorities and key figures in the financial sector. And he is clearly making himself heard in Britain and around the world, with a recent member’s bill (Michael Meacher) being introduced into Parliament – written by Richard Murphy – and aimed at curbing massive tax avoidance. The accounting concept of country-by-country reporting, aimed at creating more transparency in the financial affairs of multi-national corporations, was created by Richard Murphy. This concept is presently being considered by the E.U., the OECD and International Accounting Standards board among others.

Here is a taste of some of his writing:

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The superbugs are here!!!

Clostridium difficile bacteria. From the Center for Disease Control

Lately I’ve been spotting numerous stories on the mainstream media covering the so-called ‘superbugs’. These are bacterium which are highly or completely resistant to antibiotics.  For example from 3 weeks ago was this story in the Melbourne Age: Deadly superbug hits Australia  And in my article Arming ourselves against the superbugs on I talked about a Four Corners TV programme that aired a week ago, entitled Rise of the Superbugs which also raised the same topic.


The short and narrow of it all is that western medicine is losing the battle against bacteria. Notice I said “western medicine”. As I’ve highlighted a number of times on this website, essential oils are more than adequate to meet the threat of viruses and bacterium. For example, the article in the Age mentioned Clostridium difficile or C diff. A British study carried out in 2009 found that Geranium and Lemongrass essential oils were effective against C.diff among other antibiotic resistant bacteria.[1]

And yet many medical researchers scratch their heads and talk about going back to a pre-antibiotic age (for what that entails, check out my post Arming ourselves against the superbugs ). Others continue the search for new antibiotics, many of which are toxic in their own right. Not only that, the antibiotics you take for one bug can make you susceptible to other bugs as the article from The Age pointed out:
“…Illness is most likely to occur in people who are taking or have recently taken antibiotics, as they kill naturally protective gut flora…” This is not unlike the effect we get from flu vaccinations. Remember the H1N1 pandemic virus that the world was in a panic about in 2009? Well it was found that people taking their regular seasonal flu vaccinations increased their risk of contracting the more virulent H1N1. So much for providing us with more protection[2]

Essential oils like Lemongrass show great promise as a way of beating back the bugs. Yet you don’t hear this mentioned in the mainstream media do you?

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Disclaimer: Please remember that anything discussed here does not constitute medical advice and cannot substitute for appropriate medical care. Where essential oils are mentioned, it’s recommended you use only pure, unadulterated therapeutic grade essential oils and follow the safety directions of the manufacturer.

[1] Doran ML, Morden WE, Dunn K, Edwards-Jones V. Vapour-phase activities of essential oil against antibiotic sensitive and resistant bacteria including MRSA. Lett Appl Microbiolog. 2009 Apr;48(4):387-392.
[2] See my post Getting ready for the next flu season, Part 3