Cooking with essential oilsEssential oils belong as much in a kitchen as they do in the medicine chest, first-aid kit, diffuser or bed-side table; and there are numerous essential oils that are well suited for your day to day cooking.

If you are like me you’re probably quite concerned at the quality (or lack of it) of the food that comes before us. And of course there’s the health risks in so much of the ingredients that are used in our foods. Well provided you’re using pure and unadulterated therapeutic grade quality essential oils, you can reduce the risks and enhance the quality and taste of your meals (and beverages).

For starters, essential oils used in your food can kill unwanted microbes, increase the natural enzymatic secretions in your G.I. tract, and allow for more energy and oxygen uptake by your cells.

What about fresh and dried herbs? Surely they’re as good as essential oils.

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