Essential Oils Revolution 2

For those wanting to learn as much as possible about essential oils and the way to use them properly in your day to day life, I can think of no better opportunity than the coming series of online talks: Essential Oils Revolution 2.

Following on the heels of Essential Oils Revolution 2015, where over 160,000 people tuned in, this series promises to be quite interesting covering topics such as:

  • The truth about “therapeutic grade”, synthetics, and the most commonly adulterated oils.
  • How essential oils, homeopathy, and nutrition work together.
  • Practical tips for cooking with essential oils and integrating them into the recipes you love.
  • Effective oils to combat drug-resistant bacteria and how they are being used in community healthcare.
  • Combining frequency medicine with essential oils for healing emotions.
  • Oils for mood management, stress, anxiety, and better sleep.
  • Using oils for learning disabilities, ADHD, and special needs children.
  • Beating Lyme disease, improving blood sugar, and rebalancing your hormones with oils.
  • Reversing the 4 stages of trauma and using aromatherapy for coping with fear.
  • The different types of grief and how to help a mourning loved one with oils.
  • Preventing PTSD in first responders and service workers.
  • Preventing and treating yeast and fungal infections with oils.
  • Favorite oils for digestion, detoxification, skincare, and anti-aging.
  • Remedies for dandruff, athlete’s foot, and sugar cravings.

The talks are free and online, and they begin on August 22nd. To register click here.

A number of people have told me they won’t be able to attend all the talks, or that they’re at an inconvenient time. Not a problem you will be to acquire the downloads, including the transcripts. Click here for those.



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