Essential oils for the festive seasonEssential oils are very potent through our sense of smell; and our sense of smell is one of the strongest triggers for emotions and memory. Essential oils have also been used for thousands of years to enhance human spiritual awareness, whether that be through prayer, meditation or some other spiritual practice. With that in mind I wanted to share with you two essential oil blends that are very much suited to the season of Christmas: Christmas Spirit™ and Three(3) Wise Men™

Christmas Spirit™

Christmas Spirit™ is a blend of citrus (orange), spice (cinnamon) and evergreen (spruce) reminiscent of northern winter holidays, and recalling feelings of joy and happiness that are associated with the festive season. The aroma from this blend will help you create a rich and spiritually uplifting aroma in your home during the holiday season and all year round. The oils that make up this blend are pretty amazing.

Orange. Includes the naturally occurring compound d-limonene – a potent antioxidant. It also helps maintain a healthy digestive system. On the emotional level, it’s elevating to the mind, bringing feelings of joy and peace.

Cinnamon Bark. Cinnamon Bark has been used for thousands of years and is associated with abundance and prosperity in many cultures such as China and India. It helps maintain a healthy lifestyle regimen and immune response and provides a spicy and delicious addition to cooking and baking.

Spruce. Spruce essential oil was also traditionally believed to possess the frequency of abundance. The Lakota Indians used it to enhance their ability to communicate with the world of Spirit. Spruce also assists the respiratory and nervous systems and can be used to relieve fatigued and achy muscles.

How to use Christmas Spirit™

  • Best way is to diffuse in a room or house, or add a few drops on Potpourri before gatherings or even during gatherings.
  • Apply a couple of drops over the heart, wrists or neck. Dilute with a vegetable oil when applying it topically (Note: Be mindful that Orange oil is photo-sensitive so if you are applying it topically be sure to cover your skin when going outdoors.)
  • Put a couple of drops on a wet cloth and put in the clothes dryer.
  • Add about 8 drops to tissue or cotton wool and place in vents.

Three (3) Wise Men™

3 Wise Men™ was formulated to open up the sub-conscious, promote feelings of reverence and enhance spiritual awareness. Its ingredients are:

Almond oil. A rich source of vitamin E and in ancient Ayurvedic medicine was regarded as a nutrient for the brain and nervous system.

Sandalwood. Very high in sesquiterpenes, those compounds that can help stimulate the pineal gland and limbic centre of the brain – the centre of emotions and memory. A useful oil to use in yoga and meditation. Much more on this essential oil, in my article Sandalwood essential oil – for Mind, Body and Spirit.

Juniper. Juniper also elevates spiritual awareness and creates feelings of love and peace. It has a sweet, earthy and woody aroma.

Frankincense. So much can be written about this essential oil. In short it’s probably the pre-eminent oil for spiritual activity and development. It was used an oil of anointing and in religious ceremonies for thousands of years. It too, like Sandalwood, stimulates the limbic area of the brain. Frankincense is also useful for massage and the maintenance of healthy skin. See my article on Frankincense for more information on this oil.

Spruce. See under Christmas Spirit™ above.

Myrrh. Like Frankincense, Myrrh is an essential oil heavily referenced in the Bible and has a high level of sesquiterpenes; hence a great oil for meditation or spiritual work. It was one of the gifts to the Christ child and can help us to open our hearts and minds. See my article on Myrrh for more information.

How to use 3 Wise Men™:

  • Apply 2 drops to the crown of the head or alternatively over the thymus or back of the neck. When applying rub in a clockwise manner to create an energy of opening (and ultimately receiving the gifts of spirit).
  • Like Christmas Spirit™ you can diffuse it in a room or add it to potpourri, as it has a beautiful, uplifting aroma or place on cotton wool in vents.
  • If used in massage, dilute 1:15 with a vegetable oil.
  • Wear as a cologne or perfume.

To all of you we extend our best wishes for the peace and blessings of Christmas.
May the festive season be a joyful time for you and your loved ones.
See you in 2016


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