Many of you may know someone, perhaps close to you, who is afflicted by anxiety, worry and panic attacks. Perhaps that person may even be you, or was in the past. Someone I know with this issue, inspired me to look into the matter; hence this article (I shall continue with the subject of essential oils for skin care at a later date – Anthony).

The Oxford dictionary defines someone who is anxious as being “troubled and uneasy in mind”. I am no psychologist, but I see anxiety as an acute form of stress; so bad you can’t sleep at night, you feel depressed and can’t seem to feel a sense of joy in life. I don’t know about you, but emotional pain can be as debilitating if not more so than pain of the physical variety.

And sure if you go to your doctor he or she will prescribe the usual cocktail of drugs to somehow allow you to continue with your life. But often these come with their own bevy of side effects. If you want to avoid the synthetics, the pharmaceuticals, then essential oils are a great alternative. They have the capacity to enter the blood stream very quickly, repair DNA, penetrate the blood-brain barrier and in so doing bring much needed oxygen into the brain. The hows and whys of why essential oils can benefit us emotionally, I’ll leave for another time.  So what are the oils that will help someone suffering from anxiety, worry and panic attacks?

Essential oils for Anxiety

The Essential Oils Desk Reference lists several oils and oil blends. Among the single oils are: Orange, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang and Lavender. To this I would add Balsam Fir because it has been shown to reduce cortisol levels by up to 30%. Cortisol levels are very much linked to stress. Young Living have also created a number of blends that are potent: Valor, Hope, Peace and Calming, Present Time, Joy, Citrus Fresh, Surrender and Believe.

In addition a number of new oil blends have entered the arena that show great promise. Amongst these are RutaVaLa and Stress Away (a roll-on). Both of these are proprietary blends unique to Young Living. RutaVaLa is a blend of Valerian, Lavender and Ruta Graveolens (Rue).  This can be inhaled or diffused. If applied topically use caution if applied to skin which will be exposed to sunlight within 12-24 hours. The Stress Away roll on consists of Vanilla, Lime, Copaiba (or Copal, another oil from Ecuador), Cedarwood, Ocotea (also from Ecuador) and Lavender. You can apply this one to the temples, wrists or neck. Stress Away has a beautiful fragrance, so you can apply it generously throughout the day as a perfume.

What did I recommend to my friend? Rutavala, Peace and Calming and Stress Away.  And I would alternate the Stress Away with Valor. Many of the oils used in Valor were used by the Romans before going into battle. It obviously did something for their nerves.

Are these the only oils you can use? Certainly not. Check out these testimonials where you can read other people’s experiences.  To order any of these oils visit our site, or contact us.

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Disclaimer: Please remember that anything discussed here does not
constitute medical advice and cannot substitute for appropriate medical care. Where essential oils are mentioned, it’s recommended you use only pure, unadulterated therapeutic grade essential oils and follow the safety directions of the manufacturer.


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