Ok, so what am I doing reviewing a book on a web application, you might ask? People have been asking me what I use to write my posts and articles on the website. My answer is Evernote.  I find Evernote to be probably one of the most useful applications on the web for storing articles, research, clippings, photos, documents, you name it.   I basically use Evernote to store articles and files that come in handy for research – and that includes essential oils and health related topics. However you can use it to load all kinds of stuff. Lately I been using it to store and display our holiday photos. Aside from just storing Everrnote helps you organise it, so you can later find it.

Anyway for those of you interested in this useful application, I came across this book by Brett Kelly – Evernote Essentials

It’s only 84 pages long and it’s aimed at both beginner and advanced user.

It covers things like :

  • how to tag effectively, set up email filters
  • using Evernote as a task management system
  • photo sharing
  • Evernote for bloggers
  • Evernote with e-mail
  • Evernote as an address book
  • Evernote as a filing cabinet
  • even Evernote for Foodies.

If you really want to get the best out of this cloud computing application, then this is a book you’ll want to check out. The book costs $25 but I think for what you get it’s value for money. For more info check out Brett Kelly’s site.


Click here to visit Brett Kelly

To see an example of an Evernote notebook, check out some of our holiday photos or if you want to create a movie journal.

Evernote Essentials book – Click here to visit Brett Kelly