Dried wolfberries. Delicious but also nutritious. Photo from wstefano, Wikimedia Commons

In our last post, I included some testimonials showing how different people had benefited from drinking Ningxia Red. Gary Young, has also incorporated the wolfberry into numerous nutritional supplements and meal replacement formulae.

Ningxia wolfberries are also found in these other nutritional products:

Balance Complete™ Vanilla Cream Meal  Replacement

This is quite yummy. I have it for breakfast in the mornings (alternate it with powermeal – see below). You can make some great shakes with it. We typically add fruit like apples, bananas, strawberries and blueberries (when in season) as well as Ningxia Red juice and some coconut milk. Occasionally I will add an egg to it as well. It keeps me going till about lunch-time. If you find you’re still feeling hungry, add an extra scoop or add an egg. Balance Complete is high in fiber and protein, along with good fats, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.  It’s designed to be a powerful energizer, immune system booster and cleanser.
Along with the high antioxidant benefits from Ningxia wolfberry powder you’re getting these healthy ingredients:
brown rice bran, barley grass, aloe vera, cinnamon powder and a whey protein blend.

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Essential Oils for the Skin – Part Two

Ok I promised in my last post on this subject, that I would highlight some skin care products that utilise essential oils, safely and effectively.

So what you have here is a list of products, with brief descriptions and uses, followed by some testimonials of other people who have used them.

1.  A.R.T. (Age Refining Technology) Skin Care System

Consists of a Day Activator, Night Reconstructor and Gentle Foaming Cleanser.  Use the Foaming Cleanser in the morning. Then apply the Day Activator for your day time skincare. Use the Gentle Foaming Cleanser again in the evening, prior to bedtime, and immediately apply the Night Reconstructor.  This will help hydrate your skin while you sleep. The enzymes in both the Day Activator and Night Reconstructor help activate the body’s natural ability to revitalise its DNA.

Both the Day Activator and Night Reconstructor  include wolfberry seed oil, German Chamomile, Sandalwood and Frankincense essential oils, plant extracts of  aloe vera, green tea, lecithin, grape seed, mugwort and shea butter. The foaming cleanser includes Sandalwood, Frankincense and Lemon essential oils, along with plant extracts of aloe vera, melissa leaf, gingko leaf, camellia oleifera leaf and lavender.


Sandy Fox 
Mountain Home, AR, United States
2008  A.R.T. Skin Care helped with skin irregularities Read the full testimonial or send a question

 Ysha Oakes   
Gainesville, FL, United States
2005  A.R.T. Skin Care Reversing Skin Spots  Read the full testimonial or send a question 

Debbie Baronian   
Okato, Taranaki, New Zealand
2008,  ART Skincare is amazing!  Read the full testimonial or send a question

2.  Boswellia Wrinkle Cream

This is a collagen builder and if used daily, can help minimize wrinkles. It includes Frankincense, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Geranium and Ylang Ylang essential oils. It also includes MSM, Wolfberry Seed oil, lecithin, and extracts of calendula, chamomile, rosebud, orange blossom, St John’s Wort, Kelp, Gingko Biloba and Grape Seed.


Michelle O   
Wayne, NJ, United States
2005, Young Living Facial   Read the full testimonial or send a question

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Fish Oils for Mental Illness

By now, most of us have probably heard of the benefits of fish oil in our diets – the Omega 3 in particular. Most of us are also probably aware that mental illness is a major health issue in our society, next to such things as Cancer and Heart disease.

A new study from a team of researchers from Australia, Switzerland and Austria, and published in the Archives of General Psychiatry, has revealed that fish oil supplements are very effective against mental illness.[1]

The randomized, placebo controlled study involved 81 participants that were considered to be at high risk for psychosis. Half the participants were given 1/2g of fish oil supplements each day for 12 weeks and the other half placebo supplements. Only 2 people in the fish oil group developed psychosis as against 11 in the placebo group.

The study is certainly small but one hopes that there will now be follow up studies. If fish oils supplements become widely acceptable in the medical/psychiatric field, it will certainly be preferable to the antipsychotic drugs that bring with them a whole range of side effects and problems.[2]

Aside from mental illness, Omega 3 fatty acids (or PUFA’s they’re sometimes known) have been shown to support cardiovascular, joint, eye and brain health and in reducing the risk of heart disease & stroke, pulmonary disease, autoimmune diseases, crohn’s disease, hypertension, and ADD/ADHD. Low Omega 3 levels on the other hand have been associated with depression, dementia, memory loss, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Selecting the right fish oil supplements is equally important. You need to make sure your supplements are free from heavy metals, pesticides and other toxic residues.

Three years ago Young Living (YL) developed a fish oil supplement that combines the benefits of fish oil with the effectiveness of essential oils. Indeed YL were the first producers of essential oils to combine essential oils with food and food supplements. Omega Blue stands out way above many fish oil supplements in the market place for the following reasons:

  • It’s sourced from wild-harvested fish (sardines, mackerel and anchovies) and YL’s molecular distillation process pulls out any toxicity that is present.
  • The essential oils added increase the bioavailability of the nutrients by 10 times
  • Omega Blue fish supplements use an enteric coating which ensures that it is absorbed through the intestines, rather than through the stomach. Nutrients are thus absorbed into the body more easily. It also guarantees that you don’t get any “fish” taste or fish breath after taking the capsule.
  • Research has shown that many fish oils begin to oxidise within days of being packaged, even though their expiry date is 3 years away.[3] Oxidised fats produce free radicals, which in turn promote disease and aging. The essential oils added to Omega Blue protect from oxidation.
  • The essential oils also lend their own benefits. For example:
    • Clove oil, German Chamomile, Myrhh and Lemongrass are anti-inflammatory.
    • Clove oil is the highest recorded antioxidant as measured on the ORAC scale.
    • Eugenol, one of the constituents of Clove oil protects the neurons in the brain from a lack of oxygen.
    • Myrrh oil increases digestion, while Lemongrass oil lowers cholesterol and offers cardiovascular support.

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Disclaimer: Please remember that anything discussed here does not
constitute medical advice and cannot substitute for appropriate medical care. Where essential oils are mentioned, it’s recommended you use only pure, unadulterated therapeutic grade essential oils and follow the safety directions of the manufacturer.

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